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    Right-sizing and up-sizing

    We will advise you the most suitable pram for your baby. Furthermore, Pramshare stands ready to provide you with an upgrade when it is time to change to a bigger stroller.

    High-quality baby equipment 

    We will take care of the functionality and cleanliness of the baby equipment so that you can spend more time with your child.

    Hassle-free experience

    At your convenience, PramShare will deliver as well as collect it back at the end of the rental period at your doorstep (or hotel). Furthermore, to ensure that you will experience the most from our prams, we will orientate you on the usage of the baby equipment.

    Environmental friendly and clutter free

    By using PramShare, you not only reduce unnecessary waste to the environment but also reduce the clutter in your storeroom.  

    Trial before buying 

    There are so many types of pram in the market right now, rent one to test if the pram is really for you before buying.