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           1. What is PramShare?

    PramShare is a pram and car seat rental service platform, to promote using baby equipment of the right size for the best comfort of your child.

    Our pram and car seats are available for short term and long term rental, suitable for a short getaway or a temporary on-the-go travel equipment.  


    2. Are all pram/ car seat cleaned before renting to me?
    At PramShare, we view the cleanliness of our pram as the top priority. When prams are returned, we will first perform a functionality check to ensure that the pram is in good working condition. Thereafter, we will proceed to vacuum the pram, wash the fabrics and wipe the metal frame. Finally, we will sterilise the pram to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned for the next child.
    We are so seriously with cleanliness till we created a sister company (PramWash) focusing on this. You may check out our customers' review there too.


    3. How do I order?

      To order, there are only 5 simple steps you need to do. You may refer to our step-by-step guide for more details! 


      4. Is the baby equipment new or preloved?

        All our baby equipment available for rent are preloved in mint condition. Be well assured that checks have been conducted to ensure that all baby equipment is safe to use.


        5. When will the equipment be delivered to me?

        We deliver during office working hours.

        If you place your order on the day before, the earliest we can deliver will be the next day after 12:00pm. Urgent same day delivery is subject to availability and additional charges.


        6. How much is the delivery & collection charges?

        Delivery charges will be at $36 two-way island-wide delivery. Charges will be doubled for same day urgent delivery.

        Please indicate your rental start/end date before check-out and we will confirm the delivery details with you.


        7. Can I opt for self collection/drop-off?

        Yes, of course. Our self service collection and drop-off service area is opens 24/7 so that you can collect your item at your own convenience. There is no charge for this option.

        Just make sure to place an order, and obtain a confirmation from us before coming down!   


         8. What if I want to extend the rental period?

          Please inform us as soon as possible when you decided to extend the rental period. The rental charges for the extended period will be deducted from your security deposit. 


          9. Why do I need to pay for deposit?

          A security deposit is levied for every pram rental to guard against unlawful usage of our pram such as reselling, theft and damaging them beyond repair. 

          Please pay the deposit by card upon check out, it will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period. 


          10. When will the deposit be refunded back to me?

          Security deposit will be refunded after it has been returned and inspected by us. It will usually takes about five working days to process the refund.