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    Hey there, PramShare is Singapore’s first ever full service baby gear provider, from buying verified pre-loved, renting, selling pre-loved baby gear to donating or recycling them. Till date, we have more than 5000+ happy little customers who experienced our super clean baby gear and awesome customer experience. 

    I'm Kenneth! My wife and I co-founded PramShare in August 2016 when we were expecting our first child. As typical new parents, we have friends and relatives who offered to give us their idling strollers and child car seats. After two weeks of market survey, we realised there are some market gaps that we needed to fix:

    1. There are too many idling strollers sitting in the yard or stores.
    2. Parents do not have a good channel to put these baby stroller and car seat to good use. As a results, the baby gear are neglected, forgotten and eventually ended up in the trash with minimal use.


    PramShare aims to provide a sustainable solution for parents to find a suitable pram (and other baby gear) for their children at different stages of growing up for different needs.

    If you are travelling in Singapore with kids, you will certainly need a pram when you are touring around the garden city. The pram will be a lifesaver when your child is tired and you are only half way through or on the other end of the island. Our rental service will suit you the best.

    If you are residing in Singapore, you will no longer need to buy a big stroller hoping that it will last for at least three years but be constantly worried that your newborn will be falling out of the over-sized stroller. Sell it and buy another verified pram on our platform. We are certain you will be surprised how clean they are at a fraction of the cost of a brand new item. 

    More importantly, our long-term vision is to reduce baby gear wastage, to decrease reliance on natural resources by adopting a circular consumption model, for a more sustainable future.


    As parents, we understand the constant struggle between providing the best for our precious ones and meeting financial obligations. By giving parents a chance to rent quality baby equipment at a fraction of their usual retail price, we hope to bring the opportunity for parents to give the best for their babies.

    Check out our catalogue here! 


    We are super thankful that we have been featured in multiple press release. :)