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    Save Your Baggage Space and Rent a Stroller in Singapore Instead

    Save Your Baggage Space and Rent a Stroller in Singapore Instead

    Going to Singapore needs an extra luggage if you are traveling with the whole family.  If your baby is included in this family trips, it would be a good thing to avail Stroller rental for your baby. Aside from this, the stroller would be a great solution in saving luggage space

    It would be a great hassle if not all things in your luggage would fit. Some strollers could consume a large space. However, with the PramShare stroller, you would not only save space but would ensure your baby is comfortable if you land to Singapore.

    Manage Your Things Easier

    Traveling with the whole family in Singapore should not all that tiring. Therefore, you are in the car seeing the great sites of Singapore, the Child car seat rental would be big help to ensure your baby would be comfortable inside the car. Bringing it in the airport would provide you great ease because you would not no longer include it in your luggage.

    You can simply check t at the gate as you enter the airport. You also have the comfort of not always carrying your baby.

    Saves you Money

    Some airlines would not consider a stroller as luggage. In this way, you are obliged to pay for the stroller. If your luggage is not that large, bringing the stroller along would assure you with ease in carrying it at the airport. The size of the stroller would make it easier to store it at the upper compartment of the plane. Thus, this saves you a larger space for your luggage because you would store it in the rest of the items.

    Easy to handle

    The premium quality of the stroller makes it easier to handle when you are already inside the airport. Its features is perfect enough to ensure it would not affect the rest of the things your baby needs. You could lay your baby in it when you are tired of carrying him or her. Hence, the Stroller rental give you the big opportunity to be comfortable in the trip with your baby. In turn, your baby would have a safe thing to stay during the trip.

    Could be put in the Car

    You would no longer to provide an extra stroller if you have two babies because the stroller could hold two babies. Aside from this, the Child car seat rental is to place inside your car so it would be a big benefit if you have it during the whole trip.

    This would save you a large space in your luggage. As you prepare for the trip, it would be a relief to rely on the efficiency of the stroller. Most families would enjoy the results on bringing it on the Singapore travel.

    The premium quality of the PramShare stroller is one of the great things you should be grateful for. Aside from this, say hello to the great relief it would give you by saving your luggage space. So, get ready for an enjoyable travel to Singapore.


    Visiting Singapore with Kids

    Visiting Singapore with Kids

    Are you planning to visit Singapore with your children? 

    If you find checking in stroller a hassle for you, you may rent a pram from us at PramShare! 

    We have a range of pram from Britax, Baby Jogger, Combi and Stokke that you will definitely be able to find one of your likings! 


    A week rental start from as low as S$ 39, and we provide delivery service to and from your place of accommodation as well. 

    When you have arrived at the hotel, your pram will be waiting for your child to start exploring the sunny island. :)


    Take a look at our catalogue! 


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    Questions and Answers About Infant Car Seat

    Questions and Answers About Infant Car Seat

     What is an infant car seat?

    As the name suggests, an infant car seat is a cushioned bucket seat that is meant for young children who are too short to be secured by the usual seat belts. It is designed to provide all necessary protection to the fragile body of babies in times of car accidents. Infant car seats are also referred as child restraints.


    What are the rules and regulations on infant car seat?

    Since 1 January 2012, it is the height and not the age of the child that determine if a child seat is required.

    Accordingly to Road Traffic Act on Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Wearing of Seat Belts) Rules 2011 Section 8, any child who is “below 1.35 metres in height” is required to be properly secured by “an approved child restraint appropriate for a person of that height and weight”.


    What is so important about putting my child in a child car seat?

    Traffic rules and penalties aside, it is really about the safety of the child that is the utmost important reason why a child should be properly secured in a suitable infant car seat.

    All approved infant car seats are installed with energy-absorbing foam that helps to protect your child during any accident by absorbing the crash force. A child is very fragile and vulnerable to any strong impact, hence should always be protected in an approved infant car seat.


    Should the car seat be facing the rear or front?

    The safest position for the car seat is always rear-facing.

    Secure your child in a rear-facing car seat until the height or weight has reached the limit of the seat.  Car seat placed in the rear facing position provide the best protection for your child and prevent any injuries to his head, neck and spine in the event of a crash.  


    What is an ISOFIX?

    The ISOFIX (International Standards Organisation FIX) is an international standard system that allows you to fit an infant car seat directly into the car without using a seat belt.  It is also called LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) in the United States.


    Only cars that were manufactured after 2006 are installed with the ISOFIX fittings, which are the two metal bars fixed underneath your car seats. If you are unsure if your car comes with an ISOFIX fittings, always check with your car dealer or manufacturer. 

    On the other hand, infant car seats which are compatible with ISOFIX will come with an ISOFIX base, which has two connectors at the back of the base to attach and lock onto the metal bars of your car.  



    Do you have any other question about infant car seats? Raise it up by leaving a comment behind and we will find out!